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There are more than 2000 designs in our stencil collection and is constantly growing.
If you compare our stencil thickness, size, design quality and prices, you will be amazed at the value that Juststencil products offer!

Stencils are super economical! Stenciling is more cost effective than wallpaper, decals or faux finishes. Stencils work on walls, even lightly textured ones, also on floors, ceilings, furniture and fabric.

Stenciling is easy to touch-up, adjust or re-do. Our reusable stencils can be used again and again. One stencil can produce many images. Our sturdy 190 Micron stencil material is user-friendly and easy to clean and more durable then comparable products.

We ship with premium surface cargo. Please allow 6-10 days for delivery...